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Why Creative Education is Important for Kids

Creative education is the fuel to the engine that is creative thinking, and creative thinking is what’s required for the cultivation of great ideas. The ideal age for tweaking with this engine is the toddler (pre-school) and the early school years. In this part of his age, a child is more flexible to the teachings and hence, it determines a child’s future behavior and/or personality. Hence, the future of a child (and consequently the country) depends on the creative education imparted to it in its early pre-school years.



What research tells us?

Studies indicate that when a toddler (or kid for that matter) is given the time or opportunity to play outside and be creative on their own, it improves the brain’s function to generate great ideas. The ideas are based on experience and the child is not always sure that it might work or if it is a good idea, but the child learns on his own nevertheless which is a great contribution to the instinct. This contribution is the very creativity required as a great part of growing up. The imaginative play, playing with objects, imaginary friend, playing with the sand, the birds, all is a part of the learning for the child. For instance, when building blocks toddlers make a lot of mistakes with the structures but at the same time he tries to get the building straight up and stable. Each time he learns something new: a better structure and perhaps the reason for it to remain stable. This learning will later on develop the motivation to generate solution on his own. One of the major reasons is that the human mind tends to remember the things that led to his success thus exploring the outdoors and letting the kid think on his own would do greatly to the personality.


What you can do?

The brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it gets. Muscles also have the characteristic of loosening their strength or weakening if not used so often. It is up to the parents to ensure the health of this muscle among other things as a part of the nurturing. It must not however be made to look like a daily task or a daily responsibility like school because that has the risk of being labeled as something boring. Just like manners and good eating habits are taught indirectly via Nursery Rhymes which keep the child’s interest, Creative education must be imparted through parents via creative activities such as building blocks, building sand structures exploring outdoors etc. This way, they’ll be engaging the child in fun activities and imparting an important kind of education at the same time.


Technological hazards and preventive measures

Owing to this part of the century, kids these days are surrounded by a great number of technologies around them such as cell phones, ipads, laptops etc. Parents often use them as a tool to play with their kids or keep them busy. It must be noted by them that these devices have their share of disadvantages too. Weak eyesight, crankiness, headaches, sleepiness, tiredness are all symptoms of too much usage of these technologies. Hence, as a parent you must keep a check on these activities and limit their usage as much as you can to keep their nurturing as natural as possible.